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What is the cost ?

The Million Dollar Question Everybody wants to know !

There is no one answer to this question , in order to help us gain a better understanding of your online needs and goals we provide a questionnaire for you to fill out which helps create your estimate price .
We offer one page sites as part of our site in a day option that start from R1995.00 and we create large sites with many extra features that go over R10000.00 it all depends on what you are looking for .

You think you can do it on your own or cheaper ?

You have seen many cheap options advertised around the web e.g wix , squarespace . If you feel that is best for you – go for it . We love clients coming to us after they have tried those options or novice or cheaper designers . Once you come back to us we know that you now fully understand what it takes to have , not only a great looking website but also a working website that everyone can see .

Do I need online marketing ?

Definitely YES !
What is the use of having the best looking website on the web yet no one can see it ?
Many sites are not even being indexed by Search Engines .
They do not have any social followers
They do not have good original content
We offer SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) , Email Marketing and Content Writing in order for you to get the most out of your website .

How long does it take ?

We can have a site ready for you in a day as part of our site in a day option , however this depends on you providing us with all your content , images and any other media we would need to give you a site in a day .
We also do large sites and this can take anywhere from 1 – 12 weeks or maybe more depending on the size of your website . You will be given a time frame when we present you with your estimate after you complete our questionnaire .
If you do not have any written content or images or a logo we offer those services as well .

What payment options do you offer ?

We require a 50% deposit on acceptance of estimate and 50% on completion of the project , we are in the process of working out monthly payment plans .
Once our Payment Plans are ready we will offer them on an individual basis .

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We’ve been in the business long enough to know that building your website is just the first step towards helping your online efforts succeed. Get in touch with us at Dezign-it and we will listen to your needs, offer affordable solutions, and work with you so that your online business can be as successful as possible.