How to create content for Google

by Muhammad Asmal / Ai


How to create content for google

Everybody wants to rank on Google but what does Google actually want?

How to create content for Google the easy way, even non-techies can do this.

Create content that makes sense
Forget about writing for Search Engines but instead, write content that everybody can understand and relate to, you don’t need to sound intelligent and use high words to impress Google, be yourself, be original that’s what Google loves. Create great content that is original and content that is going to answer a need for your target audience.You don’t just want to create a blog you want to create a killer blog that is going to trend in 2018.

Do not fear Google
Google wants to rank you, we get so caught up in trying to get all green lights that we forget the purpose of our content. Google is not out to get you, have you ever stopped to wonder how Google became so popular? Google has become the giant that it is by answering all our questions with the best and quickest answer. Where do they get their answers from? Google crawls sites just like yours looking for good readable content to answer questions that users are asking every second.

Google keeps on changing
Google keeps on changing and updating their algorithms, they not changing to make it harder for you to rank on Google they changing to make it easier for you, in my opinion, what they don’t like is SEO companies trying to hack SEO and find loopholes to rank higher. We hear all the time of keywords, meta tags, meta titles, meta descriptions etc. all these practices are good and in their place but what use is it if you do not have the basics correct by creating good relevant content that has the answers to your target market’s questions? Google will change many things but what they won’t change is seeking content that is valuable to users.

Answer the questions of your target market
If you provide the answers to your target market’s questions, you won the internet. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Whether or not you know who your target market is, is a whole other story and will be addressed in future blog posts god willing.

create content for Google

Become an authority
Create content for your audience,  your audience will stay longer on your site seeking answers to the questions they have, this, in turn, will reduce your bounce rate, by reducing your bounce rate and attracting your audience to stay longer on your site this will tell Google that you are an authority in your field and you are an asset to your audience. Google will rank you higher as you are now an asset to the internet instead of merely just making up the numbers.


Everybody wants to know how to create content for Google, by following these tips and a little bit of SEO you will be ranking in no time.


In this day and age we Google everything, our first thought is “Google it” if your content is valuable people are going to be Googling it.
What are you waiting for? Start a blog in 2018, build a website pick a niche and look for the questions people in that niche are looking for, answer those questions and Google will make you famous.

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