Professional Business Promotional Videos

The Internet is an increasingly congested space, with thousands of new websites being launched each day. This can make it difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd and attract an audience.

One of the best solutions is to produce professional videos that consumers will enjoy. Video is an engaging and compelling medium that is capable of attracting huge audiences. It is useful for creating all kinds of content, from eye-catching advertisements and instructional videos, through to brand stories and case studies.

However, for businesses to make the most of video, they must use professionally produced content. That’s because viewers now expect businesses to create videos that are well-written, sound fantastic, and look amazing.

DEZIGN-IT can help by producing business promotional videos that are impactful, informative, and effective. Our team of content producers can help you create attention-grabbing video content that informs the viewer and convinces them to work with your business.

What Is a Promotional Video?

A promotional business video is used to advertise, promote, showcase, or highlight a brand. The most common types of promotional videos include: 

  • Videos which introduce a new business
  • Videos that advertise a business
  • Videos that tell a brand’s story
  • Videos that showcase the features of a product or service
  • Videos which celebrate business milestones
  • Videos to commemorate events like Anniversaries, Open Days, etc.
  • Case studies and testimonial videos
  • Videos that promote future events
  • Instructional or educational videos

Once created, videos can be published on websites and social media, or as a part of an email marketing campaign.

Our Approach To Making Promotional Videos

We believe that the key to creating effective promotional videos is focusing on content that is unique, interesting, and useful. Videos should also connect with the viewer on an emotional level and deliver a powerful message.

Video content that meets these goals is compelling and drives your audience to take meaningful action — which delivers results.

At DEZIGN-IT, we take a collaborative approach to creating videos. We work closely with your business to ensure that your brand identity, core message, and key objectives are clearly reflected in the finished video. Our team also looks closely at your target audience to ensure your promotional video has the right tone, subject matter, and message to entice them.

How do we put all of the pieces together to create a powerful and effective video? Using a simple 7-stage process, which involves:

  1. Setting objectives and defining success
    We start by determining precisely what your video should achieve. This gives the project a clear direction and metrics for success.
  2. Audience research
    The most effective promotional videos are videos that connect with the audience. To make this happen, we need to understand precisely who your audience is and what they expect.
  3. Choosing a core message for your video
    The effectiveness of a promotional video is greatly increased if it has a well-defined core message. We will help you define this message.
  4. Developing the creative idea
    Creativity is required to make videos interesting and engaging for a viewer. Our creatives will create an exciting video that your viewers will enjoy.
  5. Writing scripts and storyboard
    We will create scripts and storyboards which clearly outline how the video will be structured. You will know precisely how the final product will look before production has commenced.
  6. Video production
    Next, we create the video. This will involve scenes, animation, voiceovers, and editing.
  7. Marketing
    Finally, we can help you market your videos online. This will ensure that you obtain a large audience, maximising your return on investment.

Our Promotional Video Services

Our promotional video services fall into three categories:

Video Strategy

To be successful, video content needs a well-defined strategy. We can help you research your audience, plan video content, analyse competitors, choose distribution plans and much more.

Video Production

DEZIGN-IT has a talented in-house creative team that can deliver professional videos. We specialise in creative storytelling, voiceovers, video ads, and educational videos.

Video Marketing

The best content in the world won’t succeed if it hasn’t been marketed correctly. Our company can provide video SEO, CPC marketing, social media marketing, Youtube optimisation and much more.


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