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Are you using the power of the internet?

We help to position Professionals as authorities in their industries so that they can attract better-quality clients on automation.

Our Google-centric approach allows us to dominate search engines to allow you to get the best ROI.

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Digital marketing is an investment,
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Make the investment, your future self will thank you for it.

Business and life in general was hard enough even before the pandemic.

The stress of worrying about where your next customer is going to come from, the stress of worrying about how you are going to make payroll is a stress that only a business owner will understand.

You are losing sleep, you are losing precious time that you could be spending with your family.

You are surviving of referrals, but we both know that referrals alone cannot sustain your business.

The feast and famine of referrals is making you take on jobs you would’nt normally take on.

You are working in your business rather than working on your business.

I know the feeling, I am a business owner myself.

You are being hit left, right and centre by ads claiming that the solution is to start a blog, some saying you need chatbots, some saying you need to be on Instagram 24/7, and the list goes on and on.

Your mind is being pulled in a million directions and you are about to pull your hair out with a tweezer!

Maybe you have been burnt before by Digital Marketing Agencies promising you the world but delivering nothing.

Finally you break and you are about to drop some serious cash on a chatbot auto responder as you think that is all you need.

Thankfully you found us right now at this moment, but i’m gonna let you in on a little secret, YOU DID’NT FIND US WE FOUND YOU!

So what can we do for you?

We want you to have:

  • More money.
  • More freedom.
  • More time with family.
  • More overseas vacations.
  • More quality clients, that work on your terms.

We use the power of the internet to help Business Professionals solve the biggest problem every business has, we help them find new clients.

But not just any clients, we position you as an authority in your industry so that you can attract better quality clients that work on your terms.

Imagine having a lead generation system that allows you to have a steady stream of new leads coming into your business.

Imagine getting leads asking YOU to do to business with them instead of the other way around.

Pretty soon you will be waking up to an inbox with new predictable and consistent leads!

Did I tell you we guarantee results or your money back!

I am pretty sure by now you have realized that we are not your average Digital Marketing Agency.

Quick Question: How much are you losing by not having a lead generation system in place?

That’s right this is actually an investment and not an expense!


In my vocabulary that is an investment!

So what are you waiting for, hit the button below, your future self will thank you for it

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Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

We all want more leads, our aim is to create an online lead generating machine for your business.

We have helped clients grow from zero online presence to becoming industry leaders.

The platform is irrelevant, the outcome is all that matters and that outcome is generating leads for your business!

Web Design

Establishing a presence online with your website provides your business with more marketing options at a far lower cost than traditional media outlets, the advantages are considerable and growing every day. Everybody needs a website in this day and age.

Paid Advertising

The quickest way to get your business in front of the right type of audience, but you don’t just want to throw money at Paid advertising and assume that it will work. Paid advertising is an art that is different for every platform and for every business. We build campaigns to get you the best possible return on your investment.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is fundamental for any successful website.When potential clients search the web for services your business offers, you want your website to be visible to them. This is a longer game than Paid advertising but can be just as successful.

Content Writing

By publishing good, informative content that provides valuable information, it improves the way people see your business so that they are more likely to visit your website more often.


Trust me, if you have a website that has not been hacked yet, you are either taking your security seriously or you are just LUCKY!

Social Media Management

All the buzz these days seems to be about social media, your business needs to be apart of it. We actually consider followers and likes just to be vanity metrics, because if you not converting these likes and followers into leads and customers than what’s the point of having them?

Why we are different

We’ve been in the business long enough to know that building your website is just the first step towards helping your online efforts succeed. It’s not just about creating a website, it’s letting people know about your business by establishing a strong presence on the web. That’s where our skills at effective web design, online marketing, paid advertising and SEO come into play, as we can help you to get ranked on Google, post effective ads on social media, provide solid, effective content to boost viewership, offer you email marketing campaigns that attract leads and keep you in contact with customers to boost your sales.

From our clients

Great Company to deal with!
Basix Plastics
Basix Plastics
27. January, 2022.
Puma Howick West Side Motors
Puma Howick West Side Motors
14. October, 2021.
Muhammed, we are so happy with the way you designed and built our Website and how you continue to manage it on a daily basis. We are very greatful for the advice you give us on how to further entice clients and grow our business monthly, through your suggested ad campaign on Facebook. You are a world of information and very clever at what you do and a perfect extension of our business. We cannot imagine our business without you... Moira Kretzmann Director Kay One Industries Pty Ltd
Moira Kretzmann
Moira Kretzmann
28. February, 2020.
Just received the most fabulous service from Muhammad Asmal of DEZIGN-IT. He patiently helped a tech challenged senior citizen design a Facebook page and group for the Upper West Side Community Group. Kind, patient, knowledgeable and full of extra good ideas - all done as a community service . Highly recommended.
Liz Thomson
Liz Thomson
7. May, 2019.
Muhammad from Dezign-it has delivered exceptional service. His service is prompt and reliable and he is always willing to help and go the extra mile. The design and end result has exceeded our expectations 🙂
Mariam Hassim
Mariam Hassim
6. December, 2018.
Excellent service and top advice. If you need a good reliable website this is the company to deal with. No hidden clauses or extra fine print.😎
5. December, 2018.
Our Company needs constant updates on our website, we really struggled to get a service provider that shares our passion for innovative presentations. Muhammad from Dezign-it exceeded our expectations with the excellent interpretation of our needs, the design and structure and behind the scenes technology is second to none. Our site is working just after a week and we look forward to a long term relationship!
15. August, 2018.
As architects we are demanding of both design and digital content.Dezign-It met all our expectations with a star performance .
Ismail Cassimjee
Ismail Cassimjee
15. August, 2018.
A.Y. D
A.Y. D
12. April, 2018.
Very Impressed about the commitment and efficiency of our website. Muhammad was extremely patient and always kept us up to date at all times. I would highly recommend DEZIGN-IT to anyone. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Jayshree Ramlall
Jayshree Ramlall
12. April, 2018.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

We all want more leads, our aim is to create an online lead generating machine for your business.
We have helped clients grow from zero online presence to becoming industry leaders.

You’re in Good company

We have had the pleasure of working with amazing clients, we have helped them to grow online and have become part of their business.

Basix Plastics
Basix Plastics
Deale Attorneys – Labour Lawyer KwZulu Natal, Gauteng and South Africa
Kay One Industries – Concrete Product Supplier in South Africa
iSite Computers – Managed IT Services in South Africa

Having a website that cannot be found on search engines or that does not generate leads is like,

FREE Non Obligation 30 Min Strategy Session.

P.S This is only for business owners that want to succeed and use the power of the internet to grow their business!


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