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Web Hosting and Domain Names are services offered by DEZIGN-IT

We offer professional managed web hosting and domain names.

In order to get the best out of your website you need a good web host, good hosting is crucial for having a fast speedy website, having a fast loading website is good for SEO and good for user experience.Website hacking is becoming more common day by day, so having a good web host will help secure your website from potential hackers and spammers.
Our web hosting offering comes with malware scanning, support, backups, CPanel and security features all on superfast SSD servers.
DEZIGN-IT builds websites that rank high on Search engines and convert, key to this is having a solid web hosting solution behind our websites.

Domain Names

Having a unique domain name is the initial step in building a unique brand that shouts out professionality. Your very own domain name shows integrity and helps to build trust with prospective clients. We can add an SSL certificate to your domain name and this gives a prospective client security and confidence in your brand.

Good Web Hosting and Domain Names are often neglected.

Businesses often tend to cut corners to reduce costs, generally what happens is businesses do not realize the importance of good solid web hosting and settle for the cheapest option thinking it is adequate for their needs. This is detrimental to their online needs.

In this high-speed world, people want information and they want it fast, say for an example your website loads very slowly, users will instantly realize a slow loading website and before they get to see what you are offering they are off to your competitors.

Website Security

No matter how secure the backend of your website is, weak web hosting will offer hackers and spammers a way into your website. Once you hacked, your brand instantly takes a knock and you then have to pay a premium price to get your website functioning as it was.This results in your initial endeavor to cut costs backfiring and now you are left with no other option than to pay the premium price.

Let us take care of your web hosting and domain name needs so you can take care of your business.

Pricing Plans

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